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Interview with Bei The Fish

Interview with Macedonian indie band Bei The Fish and music video director Georgi Unkovski

A stellar field of 16 new music videos fought it out in a highly viewed and voted contest last month, and the battle to win the title of Favorite Music Video for the month and the $100 cash was tight in every match.

But in the end, it was the unique electronic sound of a band from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia called Bei The Fish and an animated music video for their song 'True Story' that won the fans and judges hearts.

Watch the video for Bei The Fish 'True Story'

Fronted by lifelong musician Ognen Anastasovski with Gjorgjievski Nenad Tonkin, Valentina Minovska and Vladimir Nastevski completing the present line-up, Bei The Fish are a unique fusion of acoustic instruments and electronics with a distinctive air of their Mediterranean culture. A leading light of quality pop music in their homeland, Vest proclaimed that "We should be proud to have such a band representing the modern Macedonian music outside our borders".

Bei The Fish on Myspace

Bei The Fish official site

"True Story" was directed by Georgi Unkovski, a Macedonian filmmaker currently studying in Rochester, New York.

Georgi Unkovski on Vimeo

The music video for "True Story" captures the angular, quirky, and fun sound of the song through the meticulous filming process of stop-motion animation.

MAS: Congratulations to Bei The Fish for your win in the Favorite Music Video contest. First off, tell us how it feels to have won. Are you happy, surprised, releived?

Georgi: Surprised, for sure. I hadn't heard about the competition until a month ago, it was a nice opportunity to show my work. I wasn't planning or hoping on winning, I just wanted to get my work seen by as many people as possible.

MAS: Is there an interesting story behind your band’s name?

Bei The Fish: Well we don't know if it is really interesting. Ognen, a long time ago was making a collage and it turned out to be a fish with some letters B, E and I. So the fish got a name- Bei the Fish.

MAS: What are you or your band’s plans for the year ahead?

BTF: The next thing is shooting a new video for our new single “French Cheese” from our current album “Time to Make Things Right”. We started a collaboration with English hip hop artist Ola Dioss and we are thinking of the way to promote it. During the summer we are planning to hit the road and play some summer festivals and by the end of the year we will launch a new single and video from the next album planned for 2011 when we are going to celebrate 10 years of making music.

Click here to read the full interview with Bei The Fish and Georgi Unkovski

Interview with Dany Deb

From the town of Cornaredo in northern Italy comes Daniele Gambini, a pianist and classical composer who sites the music of Debussy, Liszt, Chopin, Schuman, Grieg, Mendelssohn as his greatest influences. He describes his winning piece 'Davanti Alla Luna' as music that "reveals the contemplative side of the moon." A romantic piano ode to the moon that even recalls Beethoven's famous 'Moonlight Sonata.'

Listen to more of Dany Deb's music on his official online homes:


MAS: Congratulations to Dany Deb for your $100 win of the January Song-Instrumental contest, tell us - what attracted you to recording instrumental music instead of other styles?

DANY: I was attracted by the love for piano music and by the opportunity to make known my compositions and my musical thought. I love classical music because it allows me to express fully and closely, my own feelings. The harmonic language of the "classical music" is much more complex, but I also love other genres such as folk music, jazz, and rock blues.

MAS: Who do you get inspiration from or wish to emulate in music and life?

DANY: Mainly, I find inspiration from listening to myself , listening to my emotions, and observing the nature, but I love also to read many poems and I prefer those that leave a lot of freedom in the imagination to inspire my compositions. Then I have my favorite compositors such Debussy, Liszt, and others generally romantics. Therefore I consider very important the genres of music characterized by contra points, so I love Bach.

MAS: What are your musical plans for the year ahead?

Click here to read the full interview with Dany Deb on MakeAStar.com
The number one Music Video on Make A Star’s November charts and winner of the $100 cash prize is “Heavy Rotation” by The Disablists featuring Foreign Beggars – a blast of new British hip hop directed by London based stop-motion animator Lee Hardcastle.

“Heavy Rotation” is a collaborative song featuring the vocal skills of Foreign Beggars, a prolific and versatile UK hip hop collective, and The Disablists, a former jazz trio who evolved into skilled turntablists.

Foreign Beggars’ roots also stem from jazz and classical training that over turn turned into performing hip hop, death/power-metal and drum & bass – an eclectic musical stew that speaks to the varied experiences of the group’s roster of talent - MC's Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron, Producer Dag Nabbit, Human Beat boxers Shlomo, Uk Beatbox Champion MC Zani and DJ Nonames.

Individually, 'Foreign Beggars' have achieved a range high profile accomplishments, from appearances on Bjork's 'Medulla' album and the Gorillaz single 'Tomorrow Never Comes', to remix production for Amp Fiddler and Corinne Bailey Rae, and touring the States with James Lavelle's UNKLE outfit.

The Disablists are three time UK DMC World DJ Champions who have supported hip hop and Drum and Bass acts such as The Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA, Skinnyman, Killa Kela, Taskforce, Klashnekoff, Sway, AndyC, Pendulum, Friction, Mampi Swift, and Simon Bassline Smith.

Lee Hardcastle is a director, animator, and comic book artist living in London. A fan of the surreal, visually intense work of David Lynch, Spike Jonez, Adrian Tomine and Nintendo, his work can be found on his website www.MissingHead.co.uk

Watch the music video 'Heavy Rotation' by The Disablists featuring Foreign Beggars – Directed by Lee Hardcastle

MAS: You won $100 for your video work on a song by The Disablists. Is there a story behind the video?

Lee Hardcastle: I had made a 6 minute short “Ricky's Battle Shock” http://www.vimeo.com/7450420 and one of the members of The Disablists from the sound studio that worked on Ricky saw the animation and got in contact with me and asked if I could make something for their track 'Heavy Rotation'. With a micro-budget I offered to do it. The animation took around 8 weeks to complete using good old fashioned Clay.

MAS: Wow, that’s incredible. So how did the concept for the music video come together?

Lee Hardcastle: Sat at my desk thinking of ideas for the track while listening to it, the whole thing just clicked from that.

MAS: What other video work have you done in the past?

Lee Hardcastle: Music Videos, Short films and comic books, all available to see on http://www.missinghead.co.uk

Read the full interview with Lee Hardcastle on MakeAStar.com

Interview with Loc Saint

Loc Saint is a singer from Burlington, Washington who combines many different genres together when creating his songs intended for people in all walks of life. His melodic voice combined with compelling and relateable topics make for a truely unquie artist. Not to mention his trigger tongue flow and harmony have grown him an underground following that has dubbed him the "undergrounds best kept secret".

Loc Saint's song "Depression" was written from alot of sadness. Its a relatable track dealing with the emotion that haunts the majority of the population. Loc Saint says his best friend Eli is featured on a clip talking about his depression in the beggining of the song, but that 6 months after recording "Depression" the singer found his friend dead in his apartment.

Listen to Loc Saint "Depression"

MAS: Loc Saint- Winner of the Make A Star Favorite Male Solo Artist contest, tell us how you got started as a rap artist.

LOC SAINT: I started writing poetry and raps at the age of 12 after a lot of crazy experiences I'd had in my past, and just feeling the need to get them off of my chest as a way of venting. From that I started getting recognition by my peers for the raps and poems I was writing and I developed a passion for it overtime.

MAS: Tell us something random

LOC SAINT: about me...... Well I would have to say what I have been commented on most by my fans is the fact that not only is my music relatable and real, but it reaches across to fans of many genres and bridges the gap that separates fans from having a connection with the artist. This fact totally disregards the music industries way of marketing to the masses. I have fans from ages 16 to 45, I have fans that are die hard rock fans and can't stand the commercial rap music of today yet find my music appealing and connect with me. I think this is what separates me from other music artists in my genre.

Click here to read the full interview with Loc Saint on MakeAStar.com

Interview with Protocol

Protocol is a well-rounded rock band from Connecticut. Joe (vocals, guitar, bass) and Tyler (guitar), began writing songs together in 2003. Ryan Laney soon joined on keyboard and mandolin, followed by Matt on bass and Emily on drums (and occasionally bass). Their good friend Nick occasionally plays with the band on baritone sax and vocals.

Protocol's song 'Wall of Colors' won the Make A Star November favorite song contest.

Listen to Protocol 'Wall of Colors'

MAS: Congratulations Protocol for your win in the “Favorite Song- Duo or Band’ competition. Your sound is quite melodic and unique. How did your sound develop and do you have a primary songwriter, or is it collaborative?

Protocol: We wanted to hit sort of a classic rock sound without just being a classic rock cover band. Ryan and I write the majority of the songs now (together and separately) with occasional input from Tyler. Ryan and I bring our influences from big, ornate acts like Aerosmith, Queen, and Meat Loaf, as well as from our experience with classical composition. Tyler adds more southern rock influences and some modern rock sounds derived from bands like Dispatch and Weezer.

Click here to read the full interview with Protocol on MakeAStar.com

Interview with Eireann O'Day

Eireann O’Day is a solo musician from Port Coquitlam, a small town just outside Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. She not only sings on her lovely acoustic ballad “The Difference Between Us” but also plays guitar. A complete musical artist, Eireann O’Day appears certain to write many more beautiful songs in the future.

Listen to Eireann O'Day "The Difference Between Us"

MAS: Is there a story behind the song you’ve entered in the Make A Star contest?

Eireann: “We throw our stones and sling our mud each day; I suppose we all learned that way, but it's enough to lose my mind. There isn't enough water in this lake to soothe all their desert hearts, and there just isn't any time.” My song describes the battle of living each day, and how I strive to make the best of life, because while I can't change the way others treat me, I can change the way I see the world. Life is limited. This is the difference between me and some of the other people in my life. While I could be caught up in a monotonous life of drugs and hate, instead I make my music and I try my best to shine.

Click here to read the entire interview with Eireann O'Day

Interview with Pamela Payge

The 4th Best Song – Female Vocalist contest ended Thursday, Sept. 17th at noon pacific time here on MakeAStar.com. San Diego chanteuse Pamela Payge put her names in lights with victories.

Pamela Payge’s song ‘This Time’ is a tight, exciting, danceable blend of pop and guitar rock with the exotic vocals and look of this southern California girl. ‘This Time’ is a track from Pamela Payge’s recently released debut album 'Love and Hate' which is now available through CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

MAS: Congratulations Pamela Payge for your win in the Make A Star Female Vocalist 4 contest. Tell us how you got started as a singer and how your recording career began.

Click here to read the full interview with Pamela Payge

Interview with Lewis Cat

Straight outta of Brussels, Belgium come Lewis Cat. The alternative rock band first appeared in the 4th Music Video contest earlier this year, which they proceeded to win on the heels of the unique video for the song 'Foolish Thoughts'. The band then entered the Song contest for a Duo or Band and won again, this time for the track 'War In The Bathroom II'.

Watch the Music Video for "Foolish Thoughts"

Listen to "War In The Bathroom II"

This double victory warranted an interview, and we were happy to have guitarist/vocalist Mauger Mortier, bassist Diego Sanchez, drummer Hans Hoefnagels, and guitarist Patrick Myles oblige.

MAS: You are the winner of Best Song- Duo or Band 3, does the name of your band have a meaning?

Lewis Cat: Lewis Cat actually refers to the Cheshire cat in Lewis Carrols ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It’s a great story for adults, and the role of the cat is brilliant. Take for example this quote: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” We love that cat!

MAS: Certainly a great, creative name. Tell us how you got started as a band and how everyone became a part of it.

Lewis Cat: Lewis Cat started off during a jam session at college. Mauger was playing guitar, Hans was playing the drums and Lewis Cat was pretty much born. We understood each other’s way of playing pretty intuitively, so we had to build on that. The two of us tried several other musicians to complete the band, but it never turned out to work that well. Until two years ago, we met Patrick – an Australian dude. He turned out to also write songs, and was a perfect addition to our music. A year ago we also met Diego, who was very willing to play bass in Lewis Cat. And this is how Lewis Cat became what it is now.

Click here to read the entire interview with Lewis Cat!

Interview with Durty Koalas

Durty Koalas are a duo from Virginia who found fame on Make A Star by winning the Instrumental Song contest with their song "Free Smile".

While percussionist Daniel Flood and guitarist Robert Szabo are a bit camera shy, they weren't amiss to sharing their thoughts on music and a host of other laid-back topics in this entertaining MAS interview.

Click here to read the full interview with Durty Koalas on MakeAStar.com

Interview with Corrin Campbell

Corrin Campbell has certainly made a star for herself and her band The Election on MakeAStar.com, winning the coveted Female Solo Artist contest with an acoustic version of her song "When It Rains" and claiming another title with her backing band The Election in the Duo/Band contest with "Sunbeam".

Listen to Corrin Campbell "When It Rains"

The Maryland based singer, songwriter and musician shared these thoughts with us about her music, her amazing life story and what the future holds for this talented new star.

MAS: Corrin Campbell you won the coveted Best Song Female Vocalist 3 for your entry “When It Rains”, tell us Corrin how you got started as a singer and how your recording career began.

Corrin: I started singing as a child, but really developed into a "singer" when I joined the Army band in 2001. The Army hired me to play bass, but had no official job title under which to hire singers. They needed someone to do the job, and that person ended up being me for a while. I got out of the Army in 2005 and decided to start songwriting and do a little demo recording. My first demo (Exhibit A), was really meant to be for fun. It shocked me when it sold over 5,000 copies. At that point, I figured I should try to make a career of it.

MAS: How would you say your sound developed?

Click here to read the entire interview!



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